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In accordance with the State of California’s requirements, you need to be a registered voter in the City of San Diego and sign in person to confirm your support. Currently, this initiative is exclusively for residents within the City of San Diego.


We Need Change


SDGE is #1 in the nation for the highest rates.

1 Million

SDGE profits 1 million dollars a day, from San Diego City alone.


25% of SDGE’s customer are behind on their bills; by over $600.

San Diegans are facing exploitation by a relentless for-profit monopoly utility company driven by profit motives. Change is essential as our current situation is unsustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; provide electric service at a fair, reasonable, and affordable rates while maximizing economic benefit to the people of San Diego.

How will you benefit from the Power San Diego ballot initiative?

A grassroots City of San Diego initiative

It’s Power San Diego’s mission to lower rates, among other things. This is possible immediately as it allows for a complete change in business model. Power San Diego,  is a not-for-profit public power utility versus SDGE, a for-profit investor-owned utility. Short-term savings will be around 20% as San Diegans will no longer be paying for SDGE profits or the associated taxes. Long term projected savings show $20 Billion in savings by 2042 while SDGE’s rates will only continue to rise.

Local generation and storage will continue to create longer term savings for San Diegans. Focus on multi billion dollar transmission lines to increase profits will not continue with Power San Diego. Refocusing to local, renewable energy production along with appropriate storage will create an environmentally friendly alternative with proven savings.

The City of San Diego leads in the amount of rooftop solar yet the costs continue to rise. This is because for-profit utilities, like SDGE, view solar customers as a “risk to their profits” and will continue to work against the best interest of their customers. Power San Diego doesn’t see it the same way. Not only will there be no additional fees for solar customers, Power San Diego wants to work with you to help power our grid, with the bonus of being able to meet San Diego’s decarbonization goals.

What is Power San Diego and who is behind it?

Currently, our initiative is focused solely on the city of San Diego.

Due to constraints in resources and financial backing, expanding our initiative to encompass the entire county remains beyond our current scope. Implementing measures at a county level typically necessitates significant funding, primarily for signature collection campaigns. In contrast, our project thrives on the enthusiasm and voluntary contributions of individuals like you.

Our aspiration was indeed to initiate this measure on a county-wide scale, considering the broader impact. However, we also understand the urgency of initiating immediate action. By starting in San Diego city, we aim to create a model of success that can eventually be replicated across the county.

Power San Diego is a community-led initiative in the City of San Diego, proposing to replace SDGE with a not-for-profit public power utility within the city’s limits. As a Public Utility, Power San Diego can reduce energy rates, safeguard rooftop solar installations, and focus on local energy generation and storage.

We are a group of San Diegans who have had enough with our rising electricity rates.

“The only way for us to be able to craft our own destiny as a city in both controlling our electric rates and coming up with the most cost-effective, smartest, innovative decarbonization clean energy plan is to have local control of the electric power utility,” said Bill Powers, the campaign’s chair. “Without that local control, we do not control our destiny.”

Power San Diego would purchase SDGE’s infrastructure within the city with low-rate municipal bonds that will be paid with customer revenue. Currently, SDGE customers pay upwards of 60% of their bill for infrastructure fees. Power San Diego’s infrastructure cost would be approximately 3¢ a kWh, a drastic reduction.

Short-term savings will be around 20% as San Diegans will no longer be paying for SDGE profits or the associated taxes. Long term projected savings show $20 Billion in savings by 2042 while SDGE’s rates will only continue to rise.

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We’re Different

Power San Diego is different than anything San Diego is currently offered. 


Public Power Utility


Owns the Infrastructure – Poles and Wires

Purchase or Buys Needed Electricity

Stores Electricty

Prioritizes Solar

Answers to Citizens

Not-for-profit Public Agency

Can be a Standalone Power Utility

For-Profit Investor Owned Utility


Owns the Infrastructure – Poles and Wires

Purchase or Buys Needed Electricity

Stores Electricty

Prioritizes Profits

Answers to Shareholders

Can be a Standalone Power Utility

Community Choice Aggregation


Purchase or Buys Needed Electricity

Stores Electricty

Prioritizes Solar

Not-for-profit Public Agency

Cannot be a Standalone Power Utility

Public -vs- For-profit

SDGE rates are the highest in the country with other For-profits not far behind.

Average rate at SDGE


per kWh

Average rate in California


per kWh

Average rate across the Nation


per kWh

Price Map California

Public Not-for-profit

California Utilities Current Rates

Average rate at Los Angeles’s Public Utility


per kWh

Average rate at Sacramento’s Public Utility


per kWh

Average rate at Silicon Valley’s Public Utility


per kWh


California Utilities Current Rates

Average rate at San Diego Gas and Electric


per kWh

Average rate at Pacific Gas and Electric


per kWh

Average rate at Southern California Edison


per kWh

Refocusing to local, renewable energy production versus billon dollar transmission lines make long term savings possible.

SDGE transmission line from Imperial County

SDGE’s focus on rural transmission lines would only continue the rise of fees and be passed onto the customers.

$2.3 – $3.9 Billion

“Such a line will be extremely challenging to permit, and may prove to be simply infeasible, given the mountains, parks and developed suburbs that lie in the proposed path.” -Gridworks | May 2023

Local battery and storage focus

With changing the focus to local solar and battery storage over remote transmission lines Power san Diego would uphold the goals of California, by fazing out fossil fuels, but not at the expense of San Diego citizens.

Solar Focus


In the News


SDGE funds PAC to fight against municipal power effort

SDG&E funds PAC to fight against municipal power effort Author: David Gotfredson | Published: 6:36 PM PST February 13, 2024 SAN DIEGO — Supporters of Power San Diego, a group trying to form a municipal power nonprofit in the city, now have something else to get...
Power San Diego on 10 News

Ballot initiative wants to replace SDGE, lower electricity rates

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Battle for power: Bid launched to replace SDGE with public utility

Battle for power: Bid launched to replace SDGE with public utility By Joey Safchik | Published December 5, 2023  Power San Diego launched an effort Tuesday to collect more than 80,000 signatures in order to get a measure on the 2024 ballot that would, if passed,...

Group wants to oust SDGE and form a municipal utility by getting a petition on the November 2024 ballot

Group wants to oust SDG&E and form a municipal utility by getting a petition on the November 2024 ballot By Rob Nikolewki  | Nov. 17, 2023 4:12 pm  A recently formed political action committee is about to launch a signature drive to get a proposal on the November...

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Our Endorsers

Discover the driving force behind our campaign as we proudly introduce a dynamic coalition of influential community organizations, esteemed San Diego officials, both current and former, forward-thinking candidates, and visionary business leaders. Together, their unwavering commitment shapes our shared mission for affortable electricty rates while maximizing economic benifit to the people of San Diego.


Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch

Former California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) President

Carl Wood

Carl Wood

Former California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Commissioner

Cody Petterson

San Diego Unified School District Board Vice President, District C


Geneviéve Jones-Wright

Candidate, City of San Diego Mayor

Fernando Garcia

Candidate, San Diego City Council, District 9

Dianne Jacob

Former San Diego County Board of Supervisors, District 2


Marti Emerald

Former San Diego City Council Member, District 7 &9, Television Journalist

Lori Saldaña

Former California State Assemblywoman, 76th District

Organizations & Businesses

Public Power San Diego
Sustainable Ramona
HS Solar
HCSF<br />
GRN-UCSD<br />
Business for Good San Diego

Moore Group Advantage

2,978 San Diego Citizens

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SergioD, AlexanderM, DanL, JosephW, johnc


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